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In contrast, bypass codes were felt to be more natural, more convenient to use, and faster in terms of task times and better in terms of task performance. The findings of this study clearly indicate that both menu- and bypass code-based styles of control should be provided to promote user acceptance. Furthermore, the performance advantages observed for the function key-based technique point to it as the menu selection and bypass technique of choice. Durrani, qaiser Shehryar ; The george washington University. 1992, 253 pages; University microfilms Order Number adg92-38110. Experts sometimes make errors due to biases in their judgement.

The present study was conducted in two phases graeme to determine design tradeoffs relating to command bar menu and bypass code-based techniques for interacting with computers. Forty eight subjects participated. In the first phase of the experiment, mouse-, chorded key-, and function key-based menu selection techniques were compared. It was found that menus were accessed much faster with spatially mapped function keys as compared to chorded key sequences or mouse inputs, and that relative to mouse inputs compatible letter keys lead to faster command selection times. Further, the function key-based technique yielded the fastest combined access and selection times, the fastest block completion times, and the fewest errors. In the second phase of the experiment, four experimental conditions were produced by crossing two menu input devices (i.e., mouse and keyboard) with two bypass coding structures (i.e., function key-based codes and chorded key-based codes). It was found that the groups which used function key-based codes entered the menu designating portion of the bypass codes faster than those that used chorded key-based codes. The coding structure based on spatially mapped function keys also yielded faster task completion times. Furthermore, there were fewer command substitution errors with this coding structure. Comparisons between the groups with no prior exposure to the code sequences (i.e., the groups that used the mouse to make menu selections during the first phase) revealed that the function key-based technique also led to fewer command omissions and fewer extraneous command selections. Finally, subjective data showed menus were felt to be easier to learn, less demanding in terms of mental resources, and less anxiety provoking than bypass codes.

old dissertations

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For each basic operation on the text buffer, a natural and efficient choice of hippie data representation is made. This organizes the operations into several "components with each component containing those operations using the same data representation. The components are then combined using formal program-manipulation methods to obtain an efficient composite representation that supports all of the operations. This approach provides meaningful support for later adaptation. Should a new editing operation be added at a later time, the initial components can be reused in another combining process, thereby obtaining a new composite representation that works for all of the operations including the new one. There are also ramifications for the application of formal methods to larger-scale systems, as this method can be applied to the manipulation of the interfaces between modules in larger software systems. Hammontree, monty lee ; Old Dominion University. 1991, 228 pages; University microfilms Order Number adg92-30320.

old dissertations

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Finally, an exploration of the strategies which readers use when confronting texts which have no physical "ending" uncovers the link between homework the act of prediction as one of the chief constituents of the process of meaning making and our need to anticipate endingseven when the. At the same time, the network of connections and nodes which forms the hypertext can oblige readers to participate in something resembling a game between reader, text, and unseen author, where readers must anticipate authorial intention in order to navigate through the author's "intentional network". Nord, robert louis ; Carnegie-mellon University. University microfilms Order Number adg92-38823. A formal method for systematically integrating general-purpose software modules into efficient systems is presented. The integration is accomplished through adjustment of abstract interfaces and transformation of the underlying data representations. The method provides the software designer with the ability to delay or revise design decisions in cases where it is difficult to reach an a priori agreement on interfaces and/or data representations. To demonstrate the method, the development of a text buffer for a simple interactive text editor is given.

In the new and, as yet, convention-less environment of hypertext space, it is possible to perceive aspects of the transaction between reader and text normally not visible amid the familiar trappings of print environments, enabling us to answer the questions: how do readers make meaning. How do readers negotiate the "blanks" or "gaps" in the text which nearly all theorists claim are endemic to the act of reading. Are endings essential to the process of reading. Do hypertext readers have more autonomy than readers of print narratives. How will the use of hypertext in education affect the definition of learning. After exploring the ways in which hypertext narratives resemble and differ from traditional and avant garde print narratives, the dissertation examines the strategies of readers attempting to piece together a short story cut into segments and how our perceptual inclination toward seeing connections in the. The study goes on to examine the meaning making process of two sets of readersone reading a print short story and one an interactive version based on the print storyand the ways in which the readers' respective processes of coming to understand the text reflect.

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old dissertations

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Isbn: ; University microfilms Order Number adgnn-69393. Today's second language teaching/learning practice has been criticized for lacking adequate means to equip students with effective methods for reading second language texts. This problem is further compounded by the fact that the current development of software for second language learning fails to address this problem and, instead, inadvertently reinforces the use of inefficient reading strategies. The objective of this thesis is (a) to demonstrate that an adequate theory basis exists in the fields of psychology and pedagogy of reading for designing a software program which addresses the teaching/learning problem; (b) to generate the design the of a second language reading program. With respect to the operational characteristics, the results of the formative write evaluation showed that the prototype tool software met the basic criteria for functional utilization and appeared robust and posed no obstacle to use for further experimentation and research. With respect to promoting behaviours related to the Expert L2 reading, the data suggests that tool use promoted greater processing in the target language.

Pending further research, initial results suggest that tool users were more willing and able to generate the recall meaning of words encountered in the text. The thesis concludes by specifying a number of areas for further research with the tool. Douglas, jane yellowlees ; New York University. 1992, 250 pages; University microfilms Order Number adg92-37749. This dissertation examines the ways in which hypertext affects the act of reading.

Extensive information about doctoral dissertations is also available in the fennica national Bibliography of Finland. What is more, the abstracts of old doctoral dissertations are searchable within the Universitys old abstract database. Sigchi bulletin Vol.29.2, April 1997: Dissertations. The following are citations selected by title and abstract as being related to computer-Human Interaction, resulting from a computer search, using dialog Information Services, of the dissertation Abstracts Online database produced by University microfilms International (UMI). Included are umi order number, title, author, degree, year, institution; number of pages, dissertation Abstracts International (DAI) subject category chosen by the author, and abstract.

Unless otherwise specified, paper or microform copies of dissertations may be ordered from University microfilms International, dissertation Copies, post Office box 1764, Ann Arbor, mi 48106; telephone for. (except Michigan, hawaii, alaska, for Canada. Price lists and other ordering and shipping information are in the introduction to the published dai. An alternate source for copies is sometimes provided. Dissertation titles and abstracts contained here are published with permission of University microfilms International, publishers of Dissertation Abstracts International (copyright by University microfilms International and may not be reproduced without their prior permission. Humphrey, ben Shneiderman, contributing Editors, brasche, hartmut paul ; University of Toronto (Canada).

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The e-thesis website offers instructions for those who store and publish theses and dissertations online. Searching for and browsing publications, the openly available publications are stored in the e-thesis collection of the University of Helsinki digital archives. The resources are grouped into sub-collections (doctoral dissertations, licentiate theses and Masters theses as well as dissertation abstracts and other abstracts) and further categorised according to faculty. The e-thesis website features a search oliver function that can be used to search for publications. The resources can also be browsed by title, author or date of publication. Further information on University of Helsinki theses and dissertations. The Universitys Communications unit publishes a comprehensive calendar of public dissertation examinations. The helka union catalogue of all University of Helsinki libraries is a good source of information about Masters theses as well as doctoral dissertations published several years ago.

old dissertations

The publication of Masters theses essay in E-thesis was for a long time done only on a voluntary basis, but many faculties have amended their policies in recent years and now require that their students store a digital copy of their Masters thesis in E-thesis. Most of the students also permit the open publication of their Masters thesis. A total of 3,500 Masters theses can currently be read online. Digital Masters theses for which no publication permission has been granted can be read using the computers designated for the purpose in kaisa house. Publishing a thesis or dissertation in E-thesis enhances the visibility of the publication and makes it easier to find. Theses and dissertations published online receive a permanent address and can be found by search engines. Each year, e-thesis records more than one million downloads of openly available theses and dissertations.

E-thesis, but the number varies according to faculty. In total, e-thesis now includes some 4,500 doctoral dissertations. As a rule, e-thesis contains only the summarising report of article-based dissertations because of copyright issues. The actual articles can be found in the journals listed in each dissertation. Students and staff at Finnish universities and institutions of higher education can search for articles from the electronic resources offered by each institute. For example, the electronic resources of the helsinki university library can be searched through the search function available on the library website. Since April 2006, all dissertation abstracts have been published in E-thesis, including the abstracts of dissertations not available in full online.

See pages that link to and include this page. Change the help name (also url address, possibly the category) of the page. View wiki source for this page without editing. View/set parent page (used for creating breadcrumbs and structured layout). About E-thesis resources and search tools. E-thesis resources, university of Helsinki theses and dissertations can be published and stored in digital format in the e-thesis web service. Anyone can read the publications online and print them for their own use.

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old dissertations
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  3. Format: The format of most of the custom dissertations keep changing therefore it becomes important to keep yourself up to date. The e-thesis service was launched in 1999 and contains very few theses and dissertations completed before then.abstracts of old doctoral dissertations are searchable within the Universitys old abstract database).

  4. Materials on the Allied Occupation of Japan. Old version of the site. Hammontree, monty lee ; Old, dominion University. 1991, 228 pages; University microfilms Order Number adg92-30320.

  5. The winning dissertations for 2012 were from - emma McBride: Forensic dna analysis: a positive result or a negative over reliance. Dissertations, on the Prophecies of the, old. Modern Japanese political history materials.

  6. Dissertations at the harvard Mathematics Department. Guide to graduate study. The qualifying exam syllabus. The project aims to enhance the bibliographic services that handle degree dissertations, boosting the impact and visibility of these last inside and outside the University via advanced information retrieval services.

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