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If the smoke sets off the alarm, its working. If not, replace the batteries. If it still doesnt work, you need a new smoke detector. And replace those batteries once a year anyway, because dead batteries are the. 1 reason smoke detectors fail. Myth 3: Gutter guards Are maintenance-Free, fact: you gotta clean gutter guards, too.

And note that the story best rock for your buck is granite. It doesnt stain or scratch. Its tough because its volcanic rock, mulder says. Which means it can stand up to all the merlot and barbecue sauce you can spill. Myth 2: your Smoke detectors Test Button Is foolproof. Fact: The test button doesnt tell you what you really need to know. Yes, check your smoke detector twice a year. But all that test button will tell you is whether the alarm sound is working, not if the sensor that detects smoke is working. Pretty key difference there. The best way to check your device is with real smoke. Light a long, wooden kitchen match, blow it out, and hold it near the unit.

thesis real estate

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And marble is maddeningly fragile — its the prima donna of stone. Its easy to scratch. Its easy to stain. Heres the worst part: Mildly acidic substances like soda, coffee, lemon juice, even hard water will eat into marble, creating a cloudy, dull spot in a process known as book etching. Spill a glass of wine on a marble counter and go to bed without cleaning it, the next morning youll have a problem, says louwrens Mulder, owner of Superior Stone in Knoxville, tenn. And while stone counters wont crack under a hot pot, such direct heat can discolor quartz or marble, says Mulder. So be nice to your counters, no matter what theyre made.

thesis real estate

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You cant swing a tool belt without hitting a website or tv network offering tips on taking care of your digs. Save money by watering your lawn at night! No, water it strange in the morning! No, dig it up and replace it with a drought-hardy meadow! Throw in the info you pick up from well-meaning friends and theres a sea of home care truisms out there, some of which can sink your budget. Myth 1: Stone countertops Are Indestructible, fact: even rock can be damaged. Marble, quartz, travertine, soapstone, and limestone can all be stained. Regular household cleaners can dull their surfaces over time.

Japans 1980s bubble grew out of their post-war economic miracle that was spurred by ground-breaking advances in electronic technology and manufacturing. The dot-com bubble evolved out of the Information Age boom that revolutionized society in an incomprehensible number of ways. The fact that all of these booms started out legitimately didnt prevent them from developing into bubbles that popped disastrously in the end. The China bubble is no exception to this pattern, starting out as a boom based on successful economic reforms and modernization that helped to lift hundreds of millions out of poverty, while eventually devolving into an orgy of wild real estate speculation, reckless construction. Even if Chinas long-term growth thesis remains intact, the same was also true of the us in 1929; China could conceivably experience a great Depression of its very own when its bubble pops. Please follow my Twitter feed for commentary and news about Chinas housing bubble and debt bubble: questions? Click on the buttons below to discuss or ask me any question about these bubbles on Twitter or Facebook and I will personally respond.

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thesis real estate

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Affiliate signup Link: Click here Affiliate website: Here do you have a big ticket real estate affiliate program that isnt listed here? Contact me and lets talk about getting your program included so i can start sending you some highly targeted traffic. Thanks bill More real estate affiliate programs coming soon Photo Credit: Robert. Donovan via compfight cc do you like this content? Please leave a comment and share this page so i can continue to bring you much more! By jesse colombo, all great bubbles start out as legitimate and compelling economic growth booms. Roaring Twenties bubble started as a growth boom based on the commercialization of radio, automobiles and mass production.

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Phd, thesis, on, real, estate

Its a great solution; Walmart can make money from most everything by selling an input of most every business: foot-traffic, customers, and real estate. Walmart realty is a monopoly, not Walmart Retailing. Dont forget that Walmart borrows at rates 30bp above us treasuries in hippie the debt markets. Thats the market basically saying, hey, we trust Walmart just as much as an institution that can literally print its own money. Its also walmarts way of financing what is relatively high-risk commercial real estate developments with disgustingly inexpensive money. If you work for Walmart realty, i want to talk to you. Hit the contact tab on the top of this page and send me a message.

thesis real estate

Even in my little midwestern city reviews it is evident that the power the company has in attracting foot-traffic. Where commercial realty is vacant all around the city, walmarts never goes out of style. This newest development is already filling. The company says buying massive pieces of land does give it additional control; a 2004 article in RetailTraffic magazine has a" from a walmartRealty employee, carole baker, who says quite plainly that buying land around its new developments helps in protecting the brand, noting. Walmart has what no other company has: draw. Where you might place a restaurant on a main throughfare elsewhere in the city to service a three-to-five mile radius, development companies say that Walmart pulls customers within a radius of 15 miles, a distance that ensures greater foot traffic for its Walmart realty clients. Walmarts real Estate Strategy, walmart cant sell everything, that much was proven by customer revolt in 2009. But what it cant generate revenues from directly, it can derive at least some revenues from the vertical in selling its footprint.

of the economic efficiency. In many cases, theyre also full of accounting tricks that make finding the hard numbers a real challenge. What I can observe is infinitely more important. Walmart doesnt just throw up a new location and call it a day when it builds a new store. It finds a space where it can create a new marketplace, full of all kinds of goods and services. It sells its customers a lawnmower and their groceries, making money for itself. But then it sells these customers onto other companies, many of which are small businesses, so that they can maximize the value of each customer without putting every product under its own banner. Again, most people wouldnt get a great Value haircut, but theyd probably go for a haircut from a company that leases space from Walmart. You might not to buy an engagement ring at Walmart (they do sell them) but you would probably buy one from a jeweler, that again leases space from Walmart.

I digress, retail isnt really all that exciting, plan but real estate. Walmart realty, in much the same way that Walmart realized that it couldnt store brand every product in its stores, it has also realized that there are just some goods and services that people wont buy from Walmart. But how can the company realize the potential profitability of these goods or services if it cant sell them itself? Hmmthey can sell their foot-traffic to companies that do sell these products! A new Walmart location was recently built just a few miles from my home. They purchased a massive piece of real estate, and developed it fully. But they didnt just build the store, they also built a new shopping center.

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Walmart makes a lot of money, tons of money. With revenues of roughly 419 billion in its latest fiscal year 2011, the company reported net income of right around.5 billion per year. Some say this economic footprint makes it a near-monopoly capable of owning the entire retail industry. I dont think this is true at all. Photo by: Norman Matteson. These claims were put to the test in 2009 when the company attempted to consolidate its store shelves. You might have noticed Great Value-branded products popping up in every corner of the store, but only for internet a very brief moment of timethe plan backfired, and Walmarts suppliers and even customers practically rioted. Customers ultimately decided to go to smaller grocers for products that Walmart executives thought were basically commodities. Many people still prefer reynolds Wrap to Great Value aluminum foil, even if both are really just thin sheets of aluminum at different price points.

thesis real estate
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