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Later in the day at the event, my friend. Peter Shankman said, people expect to be disappointed when they interact with brands. You can choose to not disappoint them just by doing the bare minimum—just by doing what you promise youll. But you can also dial it up to a 5 just by doing the things they dont expect—going above and beyond, peter said. (Im actually paraphrasing here, but its pretty close to his actual words.) The idea being that excellent customer service is the equivalent of good marketing. So was JetBlues rescue of my book customer service or was it marketing? I guess the bigger question might be, in this age of social media and content: What isnt marketing? Lets put this story in a broader context.

But that wasnt that, it turns out. A little more than an hour after my original tweet, jetBlue tweeted again: The ground crew in Philly had found my book! They were holding it for me at the airport. And sure enough, the next day, at the Philly airport, someone from the jetBlue baggage office delivered it to gate 73, where i was waiting to board a plane back to boston. When I went up to the gate desk to claim it, they said, hey, ann! I guess you lost this yesterday. I was in Philadelphia to keynote the. Ascend Digital paradigm Marketing Summit, email company awebers inaugural event. On stage, i talked about the importance of creating experiences for your customers—of the need to think of your content as a kind of gift that meets their needs and helps them, a gift with a sense of style and personality and empathy. But also, the gift of systems and processes that work.

writing helps me

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I mean, it wasnt an ipad or a laptop or a coat or a backpack or a child (!) left behind—it was a 10 book. Mentally, id moved on, and needed I was already plotting the logistics of sending Austin another book to sign since hed offered as much when he saw my tweet. JetBlue had seen it, too, and asked whether I had reported the book missing at the airport. But no, i had not. Because i was already at the hotel. At least the airline responded—so thanks anyway, jetBlue. That was that, i thought.

writing helps me

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So, as soon as we got the ok, i bolted out of my seat and out of that plane to thank baby jeebus and kiss the ground my feet were happily back. In my haste, i left behind the book i was reading. It was a copy of Austin Kleons. Show your Work that the author himself had signed for me just weeks before, when homework he keynoted the. I didnt realize the book was missing until I got to my hotel in downtown Philly. I sent a tweet: i know JetBlue is responsive on Twitter; ive chatted with them before there. Ive also professed my love for the jetBlue culture. But when I sent that tweet last Wednesday night, i realized I had pretty much kissed that book goodbye.

Ive said this before: I carry an composition book around with me at all times. Though i use my ipad more and more for note taking, sometimes actually taking real pen to real paper helps the ideas flow. And sometimes, its good to just veg out and doodle. Articles by samiha, most popular campbellsville news, follow Uloop. Top campbellsville news, browse Other Colleges, back to top. Last Wednesday i flew from Boston to Philly on a midday jetBlue flight. Im a nervous flyer, even when the weather is cooperating. Last Wednesday, it was not. It was stormy and rainy, and so the flight bounced around aggressively in those 59 hellish (for me) minutes; by the time we landed at phl airport, i felt how an ice cube might feel inside a cocktail tumbler shaken by a jacked bartender.

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writing helps me

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While from the bounded level of our mind Short views we take, nor see the lengths behind, but, more advanced, behold with strange surprise new distant scenes of endless science rise! Alexander Pope, an Essay on Criticism, 1709 Alexander Pope may have been addressing an audience of literary critics, but his message is just as applicable to both faculty and students. To judge fairly and wisely he wrote be humble, follow nature, and study deeply. So what does it mean to study deeply? Continue reading learning to learn aspirationstoaction deep learning experience teaching and learning writing Faculty today november 29, 2016 janicengiam leave a comment This post, featuring Casey mcCormick, a phD candidate and course lecturer in Cultural Studies, and. Nathalie cooke, a professor in the English Department and Associate dean, McGill Library, archives rare collections, is the latest installment in our ongoing series about assessment tools for large classes.

On October 17, 2016, casey and Prof. Cooke were the guest speakers at a session entitled Critical Analysis and Student Engagement: Social Media strategies. This post provides a summary metal of the session and access their presentation slides, which include hyperlinks to their assignment details and assessment rubrics. Continue reading Instructors branch out by offering students social media as an alternative to traditional assignments and assessment assessment connectivity EdTech socialmedia technology writing. (ballpoint pen on composition paper).

In fact, they are becoming more popular in law schools, and even in science classrooms (Fenwick parsons, 2000; Ogilvy, 1996). . skeptics insist that journal writing is nothing more than busy work for students and a lot of unnecessary extra effort for instructors. . However, those who view journals as constructive have demonstrated that, when properly implemented, engaging students in the exercise of journal writing can be beneficial to both students and their instructors. Continue reading The benefits of reflective journal writing assessment reflection writing Universities today march 16, 2017 davidsyncox leave a comment When we hear academic integrity, we often think about the student code of conduct which contains policies on plagiarism and cheating. These polices provide explicit boundaries to help guide students towards learning ethical behaviour practises. The polices also empower instructors with clear definitions to help them teach students the nuances of academic writing, research, and ethical work.

However, when students cross the boundaries, these policies become the foundation of disciplinary action. But what about professors and researchers? Their research and publishing is not always confined to an institution and is more commonly found in the global ether of academic publishing where journals and publishers set the boundaries. Who monitors their publishing and research and what happens when they cross the line? Ivan Oranksy, vice president and global editorial director of MedPage today and co-founder of Retraction Watch, an online blog. . Oransky visited McGill as part of the Academic Integrity day on Feb. His talk, retractions, post-Publication peer review, and Fraud: Scientific Publishings Wild West attracted over 150 profs, graduate students, and staff from four Montreal universities. Continue reading Publishings Wild West Watchdog academic integrity technology writing Faculty today january 13, 2017 filipapajevic 1 Comment This post is part of the Aspirations to Action series created as a follow-up to the teaching Whats Important Symposium.

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Leave a comment, a number of instructors at McGill have been integrating peer assessment (PA) in their courses and have generously shared some of their reflections on the experience. Barry eidlin teaches Sociological Inquiry (soci 211) in the faculty of Arts. In a conversation about his experience implementing pa, he shared his rationale for using pa, some thoughts about the pa technology he used, and he offered suggestions for instructors who are considering implementing pa in their classes. Continue reading peer assessment for sustained engagement in the writing process assessment engagement peer assessment writing. Faculty today, april 11, 2017. Charlotte van Walraven 3 Comments, as a practicum student at McGills teaching good and learning Services, i have been examining the role of reflective journals in post-secondary classrooms. . Throughout the course of my research, it has come to my attention that, while they are used frequently in the instruction of disciplines like english and Theatre, reflective journals can actually be a helpful learning tool for a much wider range of subjects (Fenwick parsons.

writing helps me

Diane dechief, a faculty lecturer at the. McGill Writing Centre, designed the wika course and is teaching its first run this semester. I interviewed diane to learn what the course addresses and how she designed. The first thing I learned is that communicating science is a growing interest for many scientists. Diane explained: Theres a movement, both online and off, toward increasing science communication. Its a push for academics to become better at talking about their research to non-specialists, and for scientists, in particular, to assert their knowledge, control their message, and communicate with the public more broadly. Continue reading Helping Students Communicate Science beyond the Classroom! assessment communications course design media podcast stem writing. Faculty today, may 18, 2017, jennie ferris.

philosophy. So what are you supposed to write in your teaching portfolio? How do you begin? Continue reading What is my teaching approach (or philosophy)? Prompts to help you identify underlying beliefs and values. reflection teaching teaching portfolio writing. Faculty today, december 7, 2017, carolyn Samuel 1 Comment, theres a new course at McGill. Communicating Science (ccom 314).

Fontaine is dean of the School of Nursing at the University of Virginia, where susan bauer-wu, the Kluge Professor in Contemplative end-of-Life care, teaches and directs the compassionate care Initiative. David Germano, the director. S Tibet Center and shanti, is a professor of religious write studies. Bauer-wu, fontaine and Germano are members of the University of Virginias Contemplative sciences Center directorate. Via, the Architecture of Resilience dorrie. We are very fortunate to have these folks and programs right here in Charlottesville! Faculty today, march 16, 2018 evadobler, leave a comment, many instructors putting together a teaching portfolio for tenure or promotion find themselves stumped by this question.

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It is not too late for New years resolutions! The suggestions in the article"d below are so simple and good so easy for all ages. This blog constitutes my reflective writing and helps me stay focused on what I consider most important in my life. It has changed a great deal over the last five years, and i expect that to continue as the years progress. Practice mindfulness and compassion and youll engage in resilient behaviors. Practice being patient, being kind, being in the moment; practice tuning in and connecting with others and youll prime and strengthen cognitive circuitry that reinforce such ways of being. Just as exercise and weight training benefits your muscles, your brains neuroplasticity — its ability to be malleable allows us to develop new healthy habits through practice.

writing helps me
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Check out this handy list of phobias —they re some of the most common (and some of the strangest). Win2000/Win2003 Client -win2000/XP/ME/98 Hardware : cisco router switch, modem.

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  1. For Faculty, staff and TAs. Writing, across the curriculum. Writing helps me connect different papers and analyze them collectively rather than simply thinking about them on their own.

  2. The very act of writing down the options helps me think through them. Fordham Alumni Global Outreach trip. The Writer s Handbook.

  3. How writing helps learning how can i write a essay online casino.online buy school essay help me write my vows buy essays for university write my essay for. Writing helps me organize myself. If it can benefit anyone else, it makes me very happy.

  4. Writing helps me express my views and voice my opinion about social injustices. 5 Tips for Incoming Freshmen. The 30-day deadline is the strong kick i need to get my butt in the chair and helps me abandon my inner editor. Though i use my ipad more and more for note taking, sometimes actually taking real pen to real paper helps the ideas flow.

  5. Twitter, helps, me, get my lost book back, and What you can learn from. Annarchy, business, social Media, ann handley, austin kleon, customer service or marketing, jetBlue, social media customer service, twitter.for New year s resolutions! The suggestions in the article"d below are so simple and so easy for all ages. This blog constitutes my reflective writing and helps.

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